Image Use Policy

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden's Digital Image Library at is not designed for commercial use or publication. A variety of organizations and individuals have contributed photographs to the Image Library and these contributors maintain copyright and dictate use of their images.

The images contained within the Image Library are made available on our website under the conditions outlined in this policy. By accessing or downloading images contained in the Image Gallery, the user acknowledges they have read this policy and agrees to abide by the conditions of the image use policy. Questions about this policy should be directed to the Garden's Information Resource Steward.

SBBGPhotos Images
Digital images available on the website are maintained as part of the Garden's Blaksley Library archive. Over 30,000 slides and 3,000 print photographs have been digitized for inclusion in this database collection. In addition, over 30,000 born digital images are included. The purpose of this online gallery is to make this collection more accessible. Images are available for the uses defined below.

Educational Use
Educational institutions may download, reproduce and use images and associated captions in the preparation of course or instructional materials by teachers or students for non-profit educational activities. Express permission for such use is not required.

Scientific Use images are released in response to public interest in native plants. Please use caution if using these images for scientific research. Many images have not yet been validated, and may contain errors which would compromise their use for scientific purposes. The text captions of images are not peer reviewed scientific literature, and should not be treated as such. Image caption text is not to be used without permission from the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, requested in writing.

Personal Use
Individuals may download, reproduce and use images and associated captions posted on the World Wide Web for personal, noncommercial purposes. Express permission for such use is not required.

News Media
News media may download, reproduce and use images and associated captions in news reporting or documentaries on Santa Barbara Botanic Garden projects and programs. Express permission for such use is not required. Please contact the Marketing & Membership Manager for the Garden's Press Kit materials (including hi-resolution images).

Commercial Use
Permission to download, reproduce, use and distribute images for commercial purposes, other than news reporting as described above, must be requested by contacting the Garden's Information Resource Steward.

Image Credit
All images should bear the following credit: "Photographer Name, Courtesy of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden". Please acknowledge copyright when noted with (copyright symbol).

Special Note to Websites
You may not collect images or text from in order to make images or text available on your own website. It is not in our interest or that of our contributors to have uncontrolled subsets of these holdings available elsewhere on the Internet.

Request Images
High resolution copies of images contained within are available upon request. Please contact the Garden's Information Resource Steward to request high resolution images. Depending upon use, licensing or other fees may apply.

Take Down Policy
Garden staff is making best efforts to identify photographers and copyright for images included on If you have questions or concerns regarding photo credit, image identification, or image content, please contact the Garden's Information Resource Steward. The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden will make every effort to satisfy your concerns or take down an offensive image.

Contact Information
Information Resource Steward
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Blaksley Library
1212 Mission Canyon Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
805.682.4726 x107